I am releasing a new xxxx single. It is very limited I only pressed only 100 Copies. You can order it

Why 'am releasing' because the record has been pressed and ready to be ordered. I would have used present perfect have released

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    Please always give the source of your quotations! I would assume that the official release date hasn't arrived yet. People are sometimes invited to place orders in advance of publication. Aug 3 at 8:03

The simple present in English makes it seem like you are narrating a story, announcing something, or describing your actions in realtime to an audience, unless:

  • the verb means possess
  • the verb is a copular verb (be, seem, look, smell, etc.)
  • you're describing a habitual action and this is usually accompanied by words or context that describe how often (I walk there everyday).

If not one of the above, it sounds awkward and unnatural unless you use the be + X-ing form. You normally want to use the be + X-ing form to talk about something you are doing in the present.

This is in contrast to other languages like Spanish where you would use the simple present.

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