My teacher says it should get transformed into, "In no time the apples will rot." I think it should be, "In no time the apples will be rotten."

This is because if I were to change say,"I must take necessary suggestions." I would say,"Necessary changes must be taken by me."

So, which is the correct one?

  • You have mistaken rotten for a past participle. It is not. It reflects the historical infinitive of a Germanic verb. Rot is usually an intransitive verb; thus there is no passive voice. In some contexts, you can write things like, "The wet weather rotted the wood." In such cases, the past participle is also rotted: e.g., "the wood was rotted by moss." You must reconsider everything about this question. Aug 3, 2021 at 17:06

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In transforming a sentence from active voice to passive voice, the object of the active voice is made the subject of the passive voice. There is no object in the active voice version, so there is no passive voice version.

  • Also, could you tell me how we could add an object to this?
    – dotmashrc
    Aug 3, 2021 at 15:55

Your teacher’s suggestion is just a slightly worse version of the original. “In no time” just means “very fast”. At the beginning of the sentence, combined with the future, it sounds like his knowledge of the language isn’t very good.

“The apples will be rotten in no time” is reasonably fine. The only loss is that when apples rot, they go from slightly rotten to not very nice to inedible to an awful mess, and “the apples will be rotten” only refers to the final stage.

Your second example changes the meaning. “Taking suggestions” means allowing people to make suggestions to you, it doesn’t imply acting on those suggestions. Changes must be made (if you make them) or accepted / rejected by you (if someone else makes them), but not “taken”. And you wouldn’t use passive voice, but say “I must make the necessary changes”.

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