In Runaway Jury (2003), a plaintiff attorney, Rohr confronts Ranking Fitch, a jury consultant of the defendants, the gun manufacturers :

Rohr: You're gonna lose. Well, maybe not this case, maybe not the next, but someday. You know, someday. I've seen it before with guys like you. You wanna know why? Because you cannot carry that much contempt without it becoming malignant. Until you'll be all alone in a room full of shadows...and all you're gonna have is the memories of all those lives you have destroyed.

Rankin Fitch: Well, that's a good story, Wendall. But it's just further proof of why you can't beat me. Because you may be right...but the thing of it is, I don't give a shit. What's more... I never have.

What does "What's more...I never have." mean?


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"I don't give a shit. What's more... I never have."

"What's more" says that the speaker is providing more information. "I never have" refers back to "give a shit". The speaker has never given a shit.

The whole sentence provides emphasis. Fitch is saying that he doesn't give a shit. But what is even more impressive is that he "never" gave a shit.

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