I have written the following sentence in an essay:

There are more jobs in large cities, but in small towns you can live in peace. Which option a person chooses depends, to some extent, on their personality.

  • Is it correct to use "their" in this sentence?
  • Should I use "his or her"?
  • Which one is better "their" or "his or her"?

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Stodgy old prescriptivists will insist that "their" is always plural, and only "his or her" is correct here. If you're not writing for such a person likely to think less of you for such a thing, I would recommend just going with "their," which is briefer and more gender neutral anyway. Read more here.

  • Also, yes, your usage is correct
    – gotube
    Commented Aug 17, 2021 at 6:52

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