In the following text, I feel that "own" makes my opinion clearer. I want to say that people have different priorities and therefore they need to weigh everything up themselves. so we could not give the same advice to all people. I tried to support my opinion by giving examples. In the end, I tried to emphasize that people should choose the best option based on their own needs. I think If I use "own" it would be clearer, but on the other hand I do not want to put redundant words.

Some people believe that living in the city centre, near amenities, is more comfortable, but the housing in the city centre is expensive. Conversely, a similarly priced house in the suburbs is twice larger in size, which I think plays a pivotal role in the comfort of life. Therefore, which option should a person choose is dependent on their own priorities.

Could you please tell me whether I have used it properly or not?

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I like the way you have it right now, and I would keep the "own" in that sentence. It does not feel redundant to me at all, plus it clarifies that people are choosing their own priorities, and not the priorities of some other group. Keep in mind that you could delete that "own" and it would still make sense, but I prefer it left in the sentence.

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