I want to apply to a position that requires working with software developers. I want to express the fact that I can somewhat understand the code and structure of a certain computer languages, for example, JavaScript.

How should I express this under my "skills" list?

For example:

JavaScript (Good orientation)

might sound kind of weird. What's a better way to do this in one or two words?


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There are lots of way you could express it. You likely don't want to exaggerate your skill level in a CV, so choose according to your ability.

If you have a very basic, introductory knowledge you might say:

  • I have a basic understanding of
  • I have some exposure to
  • I am familiar with

If you have a slightly more detailed but still elementary working ability, you might say:

  • I have a working knowledge of
  • I am well familiar with
  • I have a practical understanding of

If you were highly skilled, you might say:

  • I am fully proficient in
  • I am qualified in
  • I have extensive experience with

You might say that you have a "basic understanding" or "working knowledge" of JavaScript.


I think this can only work against you. Can you list the languages and instead let everyone assume you have a decent skill level? Rating skills like this yourself isn't good evidence that you are actually what someone else would consider to be that level, and a CV is just to get your foot in the door anyway.

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