Would you use articles with names of different styles, movemenets, or names of particular techniques/types of something? Does it matter if I use common nouns with them (i.e. words like "style", "paintings")? Sources I checked seem to suggest different perspectives. For instance:

A reaction to the rigidity of Baroque style, the frivolous and playful Rococo first manifested itself with interior design and decorative work (source).

In later Gothic, the piers became much taller (source).

Hector Guimard came to see the Hôtel Tassel under construction, and later declared that Horta was the "inventor" of the Art Nouveau (source).

Cross-stitch may also be combined with other work, such as canvaswork or drawn thread work (source).

Ruy Gonzáles de Clavijo left detailed descriptions of embroideries that were probably forerunners of the suzani (source).

Notable manga artists who use mono no aware–style storytelling include Hitoshi Ashinano, Kozue Amano, and Kaoru Mori (source).

A Skan' is the Russian counterpart of a filigree (source).

Vyaz is not easily translated from script to type due to numerous ligatures (source).

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    I've never heard of a suzani, but from your link it appears to be the name of an object, so it takes an article. Words like Baroque are adjectives, but writers sometimes refer to, e.g. the late Baroque where period is understood. Aug 19 at 9:17

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