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Right form of the question about past:


  1. Do you thought about...
  2. Did you think about...
  3. Did you thought about...

Or which to use and when?

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    Only the second one is correct. When you put did, it automatically talks about the past tense and hence, the verb following it does not take its present tense. – Maulik V Jul 19 '14 at 10:58

2) Did you think about...

is simple past tense and is fine as is. Similar:

I did not think about...

Regarding 1. and 3., they are using thought as Present Perfect tense, as an action that may have occurred at some indeterminate time up to the present.
As such, you need to use a form of have as an auxiliary verb.

I have thought about everything. (up to the present time)
I had thought about everything. (some period of time in the past)

In your examples:

1) Have you thought about...
3) Had you thought about...

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