Q.1) What's the difference between pure, purer, and more pure, and what's the correct situation to use each one?

Q.2) What should I write (pure, purer, or more pure) in the following blank?

Juice contains many impurities, it must undergo purification in which a limestone filter is used to filter out the juice. Now, the juice is ______________.

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    What do you understand as the difference between those words? A bit more information on your current knowledge would help.
    – Dan
    Aug 19, 2021 at 13:01

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Purer and more pure are comparatives. Both are used, but not very often, because it could be argued that if something is pure (free of impurities), it can't be made any more pure.

Please note that a liquid is filtered, but the impurities are filtered out.


For the majority of one-syllable adjectives, you just add -er to form the comparatives. As far as I know, the only exceptions are the irregular adjectives, for example good/better. Some two-syllable adjectives, for example gentle, are handled the same way.

For the majority of two syllable words, and all adjectives with three or more syllables, we use more followed by the adjective..

As this Ngram graph shows, more pure is used, but purer is much more common.

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