People receiving aid after Texas fertilizer plant blast.

Source: http://english.people.com.cn/102774/8215433.html

I am wondering what it is and how it blasts.

I read this and I was ashamed not being able to explain this sentence in my native language while talking to my friend.

A million thanks in advance.


A fertilizer plant is a factory that produces fertilizer and produces chemicals to supply to farmers. Fertilizer Plant http://media.courierpress.com/media/img/photos/2013/07/18/Fertilizer_Plant_Expa_inev_1_t607.jpg

Like many factories there are safety issues... They contain many chemicals and have flames/ other things that make it liable to blast or explode. So basically the story was that a factory that produces fertilizer in Texas exploded and affected many people.


'Plant' in this case refers to 'manufacturing plant' or 'factory'. The word is used generally for high-output factories.

As you were referring to 'what and how it blasts', it could be ammonium nitrate:


It has popular use both as an industrial fertilizer and as an explosive, so it could very well be what caught fire, accidentally.

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