I saw an article whose title is the following one.

Google hits wall in Korea, says will comply with local rule.

Is there an omitted word before says, for example the subject or a conjunction?

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It is a headline. They frequently sacrifice grammar for brevity. Moreover, this headline utilizes a metaphor

Google hits wall

is not grammatical and should say

Google hits a wall

That is a metaphor meaning

Google has been prevented from doing something (as though a car had collided with a stone wall and brought to a stop)

This is followed by another grammatical error: “says” should be proceeded with “and Google.”

The meaning is presumably this:

Google agrees to comply with Korea’s rule after efforts to be exempted failed.

Headlines are terrible examples of English. Read the article.

  • Thgese are not grammatical "errors": they follow the different grammar of Headlinese
    – Colin Fine
    Sep 1, 2021 at 21:55

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