I have always been passionate about workers' rights, as I have had one of my parents injured while working in bad weather conditions.

I also do not know if I need the comma before the word "as."

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You can use as to mean because:
Merriam-Webster as
7 : for the reason that : because, since
stayed home as she had no car

However, the second clause includes the word "as", and it is no longer an independent clause. What it is depends on the interpretation of as. The dictionary above calls as, in this sense, a subordinating conjunction, which would make your second clause a subordinate clause. The modern interpretation of because in this sense is that it is a preposition, which would make your second clause the complement of a preposition, still not an independent clause

So your sentence is grammatical. I think the comma is optional in this use.

(A side note -
... I have had one of my parents injured....
is very wordy, and it can be misread. I suggest
... one of my parents was injured ...
That conveys the same meaning and can't be misread.)

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