I am trying to translate a sentence from my native language into English. This is my best attempt:

With each coming day I'm more and more convinced that everything is better with you.

What I am not sure of is whether saying "with each coming day" and "I'm more and more convinced" together sounds natural.
I looked online but I could only find the construction "every day I'm more convinced" which does not seem to have the same connotation as the original sentence.

The sentence is part of a post on Facebook written by someone in honor of their wedding anniversary.

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    'With each coming day I'm more and more convinced' is OK grammar, but moving (and altering) 'coming' to later in the sentence like thus: 'With each day I am (becoming) more and more convinced' is better. This form explains a future trend. The form 'every day I'm more convinced' explains a current or past trend. Sep 8, 2021 at 5:54

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It would make more sense if you drop "coming", because that usually refers to future days, and the statement is about the writer's experience of the past. Apart from that,
With each day I am more and more convinced...
is understandable. You could also drop the word with at the start of the sentence.
I think the other form you mention, "every day I am more convinced" is more idiomatic.

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