I had s discussion with someone who told me the title of my thesis is incorrect in english. The title reads:

Optimizing websites created using the Wordpress framework

Neither of us is native english so the discussion didn't really go anywhere but my reasoning is as follows:

The websites have been made inside the wordpress framework but the optimization only partially occurred within this framework. Therefor a sentence like:

Optimizing websites using the Wordpress framework

would be incorrect in describing what the thesis is about.

Am I correct here? Is the first sentence correct english?

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    "Optimizing websites using the Wordpress framework" is ambiguous: it is uncertain whether the websites or the optimization use the Wordpress framework. "Optimizing websites created using the Wordpress framework" isn't ambiguous in the same way.
    – Stuart F
    Commented Sep 17, 2021 at 19:31

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IMO, your title is not grammatically incorrect. Wordy, yes - incorrect, no.

May I suggest: "Optimizing Wordpress Websites"?

Or, if you want to keep with the academic style of titling theses (with many words), you could change it to: "Optimizing Websites Created in Wordpress Framework."

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