In a team, we have been asked the question "what are you bad at?" and how can we answer it in a positive way?

The answer I given was "being stucked with the work which I want to achieve"

I'm thinking that I would have answered it in a better way.

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As for the question itself, I'm guessing it is trying to identify areas for improvement, not what you don't like about your current situation. Given that...

being stucked with the work which I want to achieve

won't work, because "stuck" has a negative implication here, while "I want to achieve" is a positive one. Also, "stucked" is not grammatical.

For example:

I got stuck with cleaning the kitchen.

means having to do something you really don't want to.

So for your answer, how about these:

I'm not good at (some activity).
I need to improve my ability in (some activity).

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