The problem I face when creating this sentence is that the idioms wait on/at a table mean to serve food and drinks.

How can I make a sentence where I am the cashier at a cafe and I want to ask the customer to wait next to a table?
Is Please wait next to a table correct?


Yes, "next to" or "by", but be friendly.

Please wait next to that table.

Is a kind of minimal sentence. It communicates what you want to say, but it doesn't make people feel very welcome.

Why are you asking them to wait next to a table? What are you going to do while they wait? How long will they need to wait?

Two lattés and one americano to go? Okay! If you can just wait a minute over by that table, I'll bring them right over for you.

Don't worry about confusing with being a waiter. The customers know that they aren't waiters. But don't use "wait on that table", which is the idiomatic preposition for being a waiter.

  • Thank you so much
    – Vini
    Sep 19 at 9:21

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