Is it correct to say, "The wine is have drunk" or "The wine is half drank?"

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    If you mean the supply is depleted, it might be better to use "half gone". The phrase "half-drunk" would suggest the state of the drinker more than the wine supply. Sep 19 '21 at 23:47

Neither of these makes any sense.

I suspect you mean

The wine is half drunk.

which is possible, though I would think rather unusual. More natural would be

Half the wine has been drunk.

To explain:

Drank is a simple past (eg He drank the wine) and cannot be part of any verb phrase with is.

Drunk is the past participle, so it can be used to form a passive, or adjectivally. However, when used as an adjective, it almost always means "intoxicated", not "consumed", so you might say The man is half drunk, but probably not The wine is half drunk.

You can form the passive be drunk; but the simple present is drunk would only be used in a habitual sense or in narrative. In normal speech you would say The wine is being drunk for the present, or The wine was drunk for the past.

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