There was an evaluation by the District.

The district employee conducted an evaluation.

She works for the District.

Can someone confirm if these are capitalized or not? I am confused.

  • We'd need a full context to say confidently what should be capitalized. Is this from a novel? A human resources report? What is meant by "district" in the context? Please edit your question to supply this information. Also, check out How do I ask a good question? for important tips on getting the answers you're looking for
    – gotube
    Sep 22 at 6:35

This is a borderline case. On the one hand, “District” can be viewed as proper noun, referring to some particular government entity; one the other, well, district is a common noun.

The tiebreaker I would tend to use is, is the word being used part of the actual proper noun it is replacing.

If I were driving into New York City or Oklahoma City, I might write, “I am driving into the City.”

If I were driving into San Francisco or Seattle, from a more rural area, I might write, “I am driving into the city.”

she works for the District

Meaning she works for the District of Columbia or the 9th Congressional District? Capitalize.

This might be just me.

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