I am watching The Office (UK) to improve my English. In the beginning of EP1, the actor said "We'll get a CV over to you this afternoon". I guess he will send the CV to another person. Is there any difference between the way he talks and just a simple sentence "I will it send to you" ? I googled it but not much result about it.

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It means that the CV will arrive at its destination sometime in the afternoon but that the means by which it will get there is not specified. It may be sent by courier but it may be taken there by the speaker in person or a member of his team in which case it will have been 'taken' or 'brought' rather than 'sent'. However it will still have been 'got there'.


There is a slight difference between the two.

"We'll get a CV over to you this afternoon" - promises that the item will arrive this afternoon.

"I will it send to you" - only says that the item will be sent. It makes no promise as to arrival time. Depending on delivery method, it might take several days.

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