Filling an interview form, I read the question

Why do you most want to work here?

What exactly does "most" mean?

I read Where should "most" be in this sentence? and it seems to suggest the sentence would be equivalent to

Why do you want to work here most?

But I'm still at a loss interpreting it. Should I give my most compelling reason for wanting to work there or should I try to explain why, from all companies, that company is the one I most want to work in?

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To rephrase more thoroughly it means :

Which of your reasons for wanting to work here is most important to you?

It is a very standard question on job interviews, and something of a trap as one who is too exuberant about what a valuable employee s/he would be, may be rejected as insincere, and one who explains that the job has the best paycheck available may be deemed not motivated enough.

  • Thanks David, can you clarify on this bit: "one who is too exuberant about what a valuable employee s/he would be" > Wouldn't that mean that the candidate interpreted the question incorrectly as "why do you think we should hire you to work here?"
    – LoremIpsum
    Oct 5, 2021 at 22:53
  • @LoremIpsum But while that is not the surface meaning o the question, in a sense every answer during a job interview should help answer the question "why should we hire you?", The question is not normally a test of English comprehension, but it is a test of the ability to respond quickly and properly. Oct 6, 2021 at 14:28

It is relative to you. In the terms of *your life. "Why do you *most want to work here?" *your is synonymous to *most. Why do [you most] want to work here?

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