I'm writing a letter and I've already used the word "delicious" in my writing, I'm just looking for a phrase or idiom that completes my sentence, in my mother tongue we have a phrase that says : "your food was as much delicious as its taste is still under my tongue" do we have an English phrase or idiom that I can use in the given concept?

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I can't think of any idioms, but these are are common and natural phrases:

"Your food left me wanting more."

"Your food was so good I can still taste it."


From what comes to mind, I'd suggest finger-licking good and lip-smacking.

  • The fried chicken ad is just about the only place one sees this finger-licking good. It is not much used. Neither is lip-smacking good. They are not common and pretty southern.
    – Lambie
    Commented Oct 9, 2021 at 12:42

Your food was really delicious. It hit the spot. It was yummy.

hit the spot could be said here, as in: was satisfying.

yummy or really tasty or a real treat.

And I'm sure there are tons of others as well.


There are a few synonyms that could be used instead of delicious such as sublime or divine.

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