Which sentence shows certainty and is more direct?


He will either choose project 1 or project 2.


He will probably either choose project 1 or 2.

or this other version of the 2nd example.

He will probably choose either project 1 or 2.

I think the first example shows more certainty and is more direct since it doesn't have probably which indicates assumption, but either also shows assumption. Do we even need to add probably here? Do tenses have anything to do with the sentence?

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    Is it guaranteed he will choose one of the two options? If so, "probably" is not needed. If there is a chance he will choose both, or neither, then you would need it.
    – randomhead
    Oct 17 '21 at 0:42
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    "He will choose either Project 1 or Project 2" is a better version of (A). The option is between the two projects, not between choosing and doing something else. Oct 17 '21 at 7:53
  • Alright, thank you. Can someone add an overall answer so I can give them credit? Oct 17 '21 at 8:43

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