I am wondering is it acceptable or correct to say "He survived in a car crash" since all the example sentences show that I need to cross out "in"--survive a car crash

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The usual form is he survived a car crash, using the transitive meaning of survive: "4. (transitive) To live past a life-threatening event.."

Your alternative he survived in a car crash is grammatical, but odd and hard to interpret. It is using the intransitive form "1. (intransitive) Of a person, to continue to live; to remain alive," but an adjunct phrase such as in a car crash would normally be interpreted as meaning where/when/how he was continuing to be alive, not anything about the circumstances in which his life was threatened.

So for example, you might get something like He survived on the roof of his house, talking about a flood: the roof was not the event that threatened his life (the meaning of the object of transitive survive) but the circumstances where/when/how he survived.

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