What is the difference between 'method' and 'procedure'?


What is the difference between 'method' and 'procedure' in the context below.

'Traditional methods of generating energy' or 'Traditional procedures for generating energy'

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Considering that the definition for method starts with "A procedure..." there's not much difference.

So for all practical purposes they can be treated as interchangeable. That's not a very satisfying answer, though, so if there are slight hints of difference, they would be:

  • Procedure implies process. It has steps, it implies activity over time.
  • Method can imply intent, planning, and orderliness (as in the saying "There's method to his madness").
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    I add that rules & regulations may specify a procedure to be followed under certain circumstances, not a method. The latter may be a way of getting something done that usually works (and other methods may also be effective), but the former must be done. Oct 19, 2021 at 21:18

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