FOBO, or Fear of a Better Option, is the anxiety that something better will come along, which makes it undesirable to commit to existing choices when making a decision. It’s an affliction of abundance that drives you to keep all of your options open and to avoid risks. Rather than assessing your options, choosing one, and moving on with your day, you delay the inevitable. It’s not unlike hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock only to pull the covers over your head and fall back asleep. As you probably found out the hard way, if you hit snooze enough times, you’ll end up being late and racing for the office, your day and mood ruined. While pressing snooze feels so good at the moment, it ultimately demands a price.

I guess two cases. (they are all a kind of participial phrase)

A case : (with) your day and mood ruined.

B case : (and) your day and mood (will be) ruined.

Which of grammatical structures can indicate "your day and mood ruined"? or else?

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It's A. It's not unusual to use a phrase to describe the subject of the sentence.

John appeared at the window, his hair uncombed and a startled expression on his face.

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