There are some sounds that is represented by words. Like -

  1. The door creaked open.

  2. The tick tick of the wall clock.

Tick tick and creak represent the sound. I am looking for such words which represent sounds like these -

  1. An old man while walking hitting his walking stick against the hard pitch road - Looking for a word which represents the sound of the stick hitting the hard road.

  2. A word which represents the sound of noise in a radio station.


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For the first request, since you've said hit (which makes me think that some force is being used), I'd say thump, thud, thunk or clunk, with the first two being preferred (unless the stick is extremely heavy and both it and the road are very hard). If the striking against the ground is light, I recommend tap (def. 10). These are onomatopoeia: words created to resemble and represent certain sounds. The examples of creak and tick in your question are the same sort of words.

The word representing the noise between radio stations is hiss (see noun def. 1.2). This is also an onomatopoeic word, representing the quality or description of the sound. The name of the noise is static, but that word is not onomatopoeic, so it doesn't tell us how the noise sounds.


Walking stick:

clack, clack, clack

tap, tap, tap




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