What is this type of bracelet called? Does it have any specific word for it or just a bracelet?

In the manga, which picture 1 below is from, it is called shackles. But these sorts of ornaments are worn in many cultures and I’m not sure whether shackles is a proper word either.

enter image description here

enter image description here

[Image 1 Source: “The Live” manga] [Image 2 Source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yk9W8Q]

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JewelryShoppingGuide.com suggests that it might be called a cuff bracelet.

Note that "cuff" as in handcuffs carries a meaning in English that is similar to shackle but less so, or at least that is how I see the terms:

  • Handcuffs are used on people who have been arrested and are being transported to a police station, or on prisoners who are temporarily outside of their jail cell (e.g. in a courtroom). They bind the prisoner's wrists together.
  • Shackles are a more permanent restraint, used for long-term punishment. The shackle fits around the prisoner's wrist and is attached to a length of chain which is bolted into a wall, or perhaps it fits around the ankle and is attached to a heavy object (the proverbial "ball and chain"). I'm no expert but it seems like the use of shackles would likely be deemed "cruel and unusual" today. When I hear the word "shackle" I think of a medieval dungeon, not a modern prison.

It might be the case that in certain cultures (like Japanese/manga fandoms) such pieces of jewelry are called shackles. But unless you know that for sure, it would be safer to call them cuff bracelets.

  • Well, “cuff bracelet” isn’t a satisfactory word. But what can you do if that’s the only word for that thing, right? Thanks! for answering.
    – user144923
    Commented Oct 24, 2021 at 9:41

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