Is the following sentence correct?

I feel sorry for what I've done.

Does it mean "I'm sorry for what I've done."?

Does "feel sorry" have this meaning? I couldn't find it in any dictionary.

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    Yes. If you feel sorry, you have feelings of regret. The dictionary can't cover all possible phrases including the word feel. Commented Oct 26, 2021 at 8:12

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Yes. Feeling sorry would normally imply actually being sorry.

But I can conceive of exceptions to that. For example:

I just got the toxicology results back and I was right; i had been drugged! And so although I feel sorry for what I’ve done, I know I shouldn’t because it wasn’t on purpose.


Me? Feel sorry? Oh sure. I put up with his nonsense for a year, and never complained once; not even when he ate all the cheesecake and the muffins! But then I eat the last half a grape and I’m the antisocial pig? Fine. Whatever. What. Ever! I feel sorry for what I’ve done. Someone should punish me now, like the malicious, evil criminal I clearly am.

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