Maybe I am treading on proofreading territory, but I've been struggling with this particular problem for a while now.

My supervisor says that I should mention in my resume (under the related job) that my contract was renewed and extended multiple times [because they really loved to have me on their teams]. He wants me to highlight that in addition to my hard skills, I am also accountable, thorough, and very pleasant to work with.

I am struggling to express the following succinctly in my resume/CV.

  • Professor A hired me as a Research Assistant. I performed really, really well. Professor A was impressed with my work, and so he advised Professor B to hire me on his project.​
  • Professor B was impressed hearing about my work, and so he offered me a contract.
  • Professors A and B were once again happy with my work, so they spoke of me to professors C and D.​
  • Professors C and D also hired me for two of their projects.​ They extended my contract.
  • In the meantime, Professor B renewed my contract several times and hired me for different projects.​

I have tried the following (should be my opening statement under the specific job title):

Recognition of my enthusiasm, accountability, and excellent attention to detail led to multiple contract renewals and extensions [under which I worked on various projects for different professors].

Specific problems: First, it completely fails to indicate that some of these professors recommended me to their colleagues, without me having to apply for that particular job/contract. It was some of these professors who sought me out. I want this sentence to somehow indicate that I got the contracts on recommendation. Second, it just doesn't sound good overall.

What can I change in this sentence to ensure that it does what I want it to do?


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Maybe this would fit:

Recognition of my enthusiasm, accountability, and excellent attention to detail elicited enthusiastic recommendations by my [professors|supervisors], which led to multiple contract renewals and extensions.

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    Why did you use "by" instead of "from" in "recommendations by"?
    – AIQ
    Commented Oct 27, 2021 at 19:37
  • I think it's because you can say I was recommended by..., but not I was recommended from... You can say I received recommendations from..., and maybe with elicited, from would work better. Maybe elicited supervisor recommendations, avoiding the preposition choice. Commented Oct 27, 2021 at 23:12

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