I have come across the following sentence, which uses the word conditions + to + the infinitive form of the main verb:

What are the conditions at the work place to create a productive work environment?

Now I'm wondering if this sentence is correct, and, if so, what exactly it means. When I look up the word condition in Merriam-Webster and Longman, I can't find this particular construction (word+to+infinitive form of the main verb) with this word.


It's true, the sentence is not perfectly natural. The author probably meant "... the conditions [that can] create a productive work environment," or "conditions [intended] to create," or "conditions [intentionally put in place] to create." Context might help make the point clear, but it probably would have been better to choose one of these clearer constructions.

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    OR What are the conditions creating [the current productive work environment]? Without more context, we can only guess, which is probably all the proof we need to say the cited text is poor quality. Nov 2 '21 at 18:11

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