I wonder what do you usually say when you recall pleasant past memories about someone?

The only word I know is "reminisce" which sounds formal for everyday speech.


I'm reminiscing about Cindy and her laughters. Haha!
Yea, those were the good old days.

Another example:

I'm reminiscing about that vacation we took to Amsterdam.

Could you please tell me whether there is a better verb or expression and on the whole, a more casual way fitting better in everyday speech.

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It's okay if it's not the word you're looking for, but "reminiscing" is not too formal for everyday speech (at least, not mine!). It's a great choice because it has exactly the meaning you're looking for—dwelling on memories of the past, with a specifically positive connotation.

Some other good options would be to use broader words:

I'm thinking about that vacation...

I'm remembering that vacation...

(By the way, if there's any confusion, see these questions about "remembering" in the continuous tense.)

You can also add modifying words:

I'm thinking fondly of that vacation...

There are number of idioms about reminiscence, but they might sound even more contrived:

I'm just taking a walk down memory lane... [this one doesn't take an object, so you still would have to pair it with an explanation like "by remembering that vacation"]

I'm reliving the memory of that vacation...

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