I am not a native speaker but this question worries me a lot. There is an email where is indicated the total number you are to pay and this payment is new. So the question is, what phrase should I write:

"You are charged on the basis of new payment"


"You are billed a new payment"?

What variant is correct or are both not OK? Would be a pleasure to hear your options.

  • Neither of these make any sense at all, unfortunately. "Charging" and "billing" refer to the company requesting money; "payment" is the customer sending the money. "Charged on the basis of new payment" seems backwards; what exactly are you trying to say? Commented Nov 25, 2021 at 10:23

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If I understand correctly, the key word you are looking for is "new bill" or more formally: "new invoice"

In full, I would expect something like:

"You have a new bill for £123.99 which is now due."

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