We often share our secrets or very private personal information with someone that we trust, like our best friends or people that we know very well.

Do we have a verb to say that we talk with someone, telling them all our secrets or deep private personal information?

For example, I chat with my best friend, or I confide in my best friend.

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"Confide" works well only if you are speaking particularly of private information that one wouldn't tell nearly anyone. We nearly always "confide (something) in" our best friends, not "confide to": "I know that I can confide in you".

I think I nearly always resort to descriptions for this; I might write "We had a deep, personal conversation" or "I wish I had someone that I could really talk to about things dear to me.

One common adjective is "heart-to-heart", for example: "I tried to have a heart-to-heart conversation with my wife, but she was too tired to take me seriously." This usually connotes that there is a certain topic that needs to be discussed, unless it is used with more generalizing context clues, such as "I really like talking with Ann; our chats are always so heart-to-heart."

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