I came across these sentences:

  • "I've found out that you lied.

  • "I've discovered that she was untrue to me".

It confuses me, because I thought, that according to the rule "sequence of tenses" we can use present perfect with present simple or future simple.

I think that in the first sentence "found" in Past simple instead of present perfect should be used (or I've found out that you lie). What about the second one, I think that I discovered that she was untrue to me/ I've discovered that she is untrue to me is more suitable.

If I am wrong can you me explain why. Thanks in advance!

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It depends on the intended meaning.

I've found out that you lied means 'you told a lie on a particular occasion in the past'. Using lie would change the meaning to 'you are a habitual liar'.

Similarly with the second sentence. Either she was unfaithful on a particular occasion, or she is habitually unfaithful.

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