Could you tell me if I have use the before protocol on the context below.

Sorry, sir, but I can't give you any information on that account without verifying your information first. I understand your frustration because it takes time, but I'm just following (the) protocol.

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I think if the speaker is referring to a written document specifying a fixed set of rules, the protocol might be alright.

I think it also works without the if the speaker is referring generally to his understanding of the rules.


Both forms are in common use...

enter image description here

It's normally entirely a stylistic choice whether to include the article or not. If a specific "protocol" has been previously mentioned, I'd say the article is more likely to be included (but it's only more likely - it's never required).

But if you want a "general principle" for making the choice here, my advice would be not to include the article unless it's contextually necessary to indicate that you're only referring to some specific contextually-identified protocol, rather than just "diplomatic conventions" in general.

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