Could you tell me why do I need to add article 'the' in this sentence?

The last eruption of the Kilimanjaro volcano happened about 200 years ago.

It's taken from an English app. The word in bold is the answer suggested by the app. The original options are (an/the/-/a). I chose (-) (no additional article), but my answer was marked wrong. There's also the lesson section to review some topic related to the test given. It says:

Names of countries in the singular, summits of mountains, continents, towns don't use the definite article:

  • Mount Whitney

  • Mount McKinley

Names of countries in the plural, mountain ranges, regions use the definite article:

  • the Rocky Mountains

  • the Alps

Do we need it because THE before a noun is required when the other person knows which thing we are referring to? OALD defines a volcano as a mountain with a large opening at the top through which gases and lava (= hot liquid rock) are forced out into the air, or have been in the past. If that the case, shouldn't the answer be (-)?

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The name "Kilimanjaro" is being used as a modifier in this phrase. It modifies the word "volcano".

"The" is used, because the word "volcano" needs an article. It would need an article even if the modifier was removed:

The last eruption of the volcano was 200 years ago.

The presence of a name doesn't change the need for an article. The use of articles with proper nouns is irrelevant. The article is for the word "volcano", not for the proper noun "Kilimanjaro".

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