I saw this sentence from my friend's WhatsApp story. He's an English learner like me. This is the sentence by the way:

Had I not been a jerk I would not have been going this through.

I think, there's something I don't understand about the sentence. I've looked up the phrasal verb go through and it seems that this phrasal verb is not reversible (I'm not sure if this is a correct way to say this).

I mean, usually if there's a noun that goes before the adverb particle, OALD would use the bi-implication symbol (⇔) to indicate that, but it doesn't have. Anyway, does that sentence above sound grammatical? If it isn't, could you please suggest the grammatical that would likely sond natural and grammatical?

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    Your friend made a mistake. It should be, "... going through this".
    – gotube
    Commented Dec 21, 2021 at 22:39

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You are correct that the phrasal verb 'go through' cannot be reversed, but your friend has reversed it, thus making an error. He should have written:

Had I not been a jerk I would not have been going through this.

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