I am trying to understand what my professor said, especially what 'going' means in the following sentence. Did she actually say like that or just think to herself?

At the conference, I was sitting there going ‘what is your definition of *****?’

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Either is possible, in context I think it is unlikely that she was actually speaking out loud.

Wiktionary has the sense of "go" as "speak or make a sound" (sense 28)

The continuous form "was going" suggests that this wasn't a single action, but either repeated or continued over some time. That seems unlikely for actual speech in a conference while somebody else is presenting. So I'd understand this as a question that she is thinking about, she is repeatedly thinking the question, but not actually calling it out.

  • Yes, she said she was like that for 5 years at conferences. Thank you.
    – ginger ale
    Dec 27, 2021 at 7:52

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