Clo-Clo shoveled her hands ingenuously toward him. “I couldn’t find the room again, when I tried to get back to you. There were so many halls and turns, I got lost. Was it my fault?”

“You know what you are? You’re a cheat. A false alarm. ”

She touched the underside of his chin lightly with one finger. “Don’t be sore. Look at all the fun you’d already had out of me by then, anyway. You told me so yourself. You shouldn’t be a hog. ”

“I wasn’t out for fun,” he let her know aggrievedly. He reached. “C’mere, you. I’ve got something coming to me.

Clo-Clo did the back-step again. “No you haven’t,” she laughed. “That was then, this is now. No long-term credit extended.”

  • He feels Clo-Clo owes him something. Probably sex. Jan 1 at 16:01


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