Grammarly advices me to add , before and in the following phrases and sentences with the following comment

It seems that this sentence contains a series of three or more words, phrases, or clauses. Consider inserting a comma to separate the elements.

But I believe it's not necessary. Am I wrong?

Comma Before And

What Is the Oxford Comma (or Serial Comma)?

  • Methodology for field measurements of current, wave and tide
  • This report aims to illustrate the methodology of measuring waves, currents and tides in the desired region for the Sirik water reservoir.
  • Collecting and investigating the available information, primary assessment of installation location and design of installation set-up
  • The equipment for wave, current and tide measurements in Sirik study area
  • It is obvious that depending on the quality and method of processing and representing the information, in-depth analysis, interpretation and control of the results will be possible.

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I think your first link answers this:

It’s almost always optional to put a comma before and in a list.

Your second link then goes on to say

Unless you’re writing for a particular publication or drafting an essay for school, whether or not you use the Oxford comma is generally up to you. However, omitting it can sometimes cause some strange misunderstandings.

And so Grammarly suggests using the serial comma.

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