Sirik is the name of a city in Iran and so I believe that the usage of definitive article the is not needed before Sirik in the following sentences while Grammarly suggests me to add the

  • This report aims to illustrate the methodology of measuring waves, currents and tides in the desired region for Sirik water reservoir.
  • The purpose of these studies is to provide hydrodynamic and wave-based information for the design of Sirik water reservoir.
  • The equipment for wave, current and tide measurements in Sirik study area
  • If the reservoir has an official name (the equivalent of 'Sirik Reservoir' in your language), it doesn't need an article. 'Study area' doesn't look like an official name, so I would probably use the before that. Jan 3, 2022 at 13:03

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It depends whether or not Sirik water or Sirik water reservoir is the name of the reservoir.

If it is the name, then it should not have an article (but each word should be capitalised in English).

But if that is not the name of the reservoir, (it either has a different name, or is unnamed) then Sirik is a descriptor, and it requires an article: "the which water reservoir?" "The Sirik water reservoir".

The latter seems more likely to me, but I can't tell for sure.

One other point: water reservoir is not idiomatic except in contexts where there could be another kind of reservoir, eg inside an engine. An artificial lake used as the water supply for a place is referred to as a reservoir, not a water reservoir.

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