Yet, the transition from alert phase  5 (imminent pandemic) to phase 6 (full-blown pandemic) was marked by clearly discernable doubt as to the severity of the situation.

what does "clearly discernable doubt" mean (2nd picture, 3rd line)? clearly noticeable doubt or something else?

Source: research*eu No.62 Feb 2010 (The magazine of European Research Area)

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    Discernable has the usual dictionary meaning, noticeable is a synonym.
    – James K
    Jan 5 at 7:05
"discernible" = able to be seen, recognized or understood (Cambridge)

"clearly" = added as emphasis 
"clearly discernible" = able to be clearly seen or clearly recognized

"clearly discernible doubt" = doubt that is clearly recognized
"clearly discernible doubt" = clearly recognized doubt

Contrast with "barely discernible" which indicates it is not easily seen or recognized.

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