How can I answer the question?

"I'm looking for a bookstore. Do you know one?"

  1. Yes. It's by this building.
  2. Yes. There is a bookstore near here.
  3. Yes. It is near here.
  4. Yes. The bookstore is near here.

Can I call the bookstore "it" when the questioner doesn't know it?

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All the answers you proposed are grammatically correct and understandable. There are a few comments, though:

  • Instead of "near here" it is better to use "nearby".
  • "It" sounds (a little) as if there is a specific bookstore under discussion. Since the question is about "a bookstore" and not "the XYZ bookstore", replace "it" with "there is one".

So, the most idiomatic answer would be:

"Yes, there is one nearby."


"Yes, there is one in this (that) building."

Even the question in the title should be written as:

"Do you know any ... nearby?"

Additionally, you need to notice that the answer should not be:

Yes, there is one nearby.

and it is better to use (e.g.):

Yes, there is one over there.

In this way, you avoid the repetition of "nearby", you avoid sounding sarcastic, and you actually provide some useful information ("over there").

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    (1) and (3) are, of course, literal answers to the question "Do you know one?", but, as the answer says, not idiomatic in these circumstances. Jan 11, 2022 at 9:39

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