My thesis deals with treatment of melanoma and it should explain the development and progress of various methods as well as the current practice. I spent a lot of time on trying to figure out a proper title, one that reflects both that I deal with past achievements but also the practice (then and now). I do not want to use the words "history" or "overview" because in my view it sounds more like mere a compilation of information.
When I use "the development and present practice", would it be understood that by "development" I mean something like "past achievements" or "history of progress"? I do not know whether the word "development" can be understood like that, going also in the past. I would like to express the following (in less words): Treatment of melanoma: how research progressed in the past, what was the practice then and what it is now. Thanks a lot!

  • For your title, how about: "Treatment of Melanoma: Research Then and Research Now"?
    – myacorn
    Jan 11, 2022 at 16:02

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To answer your question no Development doesn't convey the meaning you hope it will.

Deveopments and present practice

but that might make people think you are looking forward

development of present Practice

Says you are going to discuss how we got to the present practice.

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