I've encountered variations of this phrase ("You find anything?") a few times in different places but mostly in USA series. Could you please tell me why this is grammatically correct? I thought it should be either:

  • Did you find anything?
  • [Have] You found anything?

Since I don't remember such weird phrases with other verbs could you please also explain if this verb is special or is it some rule/contraction which is used in general?

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This is a casual construction. The words you think should be there, "did / have" are in fact there grammatically, but they are omitted when spoken casually because they are the only words that can go there, and so they are understood as if they were there. This construction should not be used in formal situations, or when writing, unless you are writing a quoted conversation.

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    And, yes, it can happen with other verbs. "[Do you] Fancy a drink?" "[Are] You coming?" Jan 14, 2022 at 9:28

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