It seems someone eats too much. [meaning - "constantly"]

It seems someone has been eating too much. [meaning - "we all see your weight"]

Is it natural to use that phrase, when you say it to someone who has some overweight? Perhaps you use that phrase only in certain tense, so I wrote two tenses that are logical for me (with their meaning).

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    Yes, he eats too much means that he does so habitually, he has been eating too much suggests that he has put on weight recently. Jan 14 at 15:06
  • It seems someone eats too much. [meaning - "constantly"] - do you mean they are eating all of the time (24 hours each day?) Jan 14 at 15:22
  • @Michael Harvey, It was said figuratively.
    – Sergei
    Jan 14 at 15:37

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