1,The long contest between predator and prey has produced mimicry of astouding accuracy.
2,Their views of the relations between man and woman are limited.
3,The relation between teacher and student is not what it used to be.
4,The relations between parent and child are excellent.
5,Apparently relations between husband and wife had not improved.
6,Mother and son lost contact when Nicholas was in his early twenties.
7,Doctor, nurse and patient have become the best friends.
8,He was printer, publisher and editor before 1949.

Maybe they are pairs so articles could be omitted?

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    It is not in the least unusual, far less weird. This usage is perfectly standard in English. Jan 15 at 9:34

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With articles would be weird. Example 2 means ...men and women... You could put 'the' before husband in example 5 but it is superfluous. You only need to be pedantic if there is doubt about the meaning. Here we know what's on the table so no need.

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