Can we write I had born instead of I was born? Please explain it. Which one should I write in a sentence. Please explain elaborately.

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    Your use of the word "elaborately" is odd and unnatural. You should remove that sentence.
    – James K
    Jan 15 at 11:29

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Born is an odd word. It isn't the regular past participle of "bear" (that is borne) It is nearly always used in the phrase "be born", which is derived from a passive voice expression but should not now be analysed as a passive.

On the other hand "had borne" (sometimes written "had born") would be a past perfect and an active voice. It would almost never be used.

I was born in France (correct)

I had born in France (incorrect)

My father came to America in 1945. My mother had borne him a child (me!) in France during the war. (correct but very odd phrasing)

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