Sentence 1: He doesn't earn as much as me.

Sentence 2: He doesn't earn as much as I.

In sentence 1, the second "as" is a preposition so it is followed by an object pronoun. In sentence 2, the second "as" is a conjunction, and the complete sentence should be "He doesn't earn as much as I earn". Am I right?


I'd prefer putting I because it's used in its truncated form.

He does not earn as much as I (do).

However, I think it's a matter of register, the style you write. Because I have also observed authors using me. In modern English, either seems okay as they convey the message.

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    I agree that it's a matter of register. "As I" sounds very formal to me. "As me" sounds normal. If you say the latter, it's clear that as is a preposition rather than a conjunction (it can be either one) and nothing is left out. – snailplane Aug 19 '14 at 4:10

Using 'I' without the trailing past tense verb is a standard construction where the verb is understood but not spoken.

"So, he earned as much as I" is acceptable, andmay be preferable in certain contexts.

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