What should I call them? a Nameboard? a Board? a Plaque?


enter image description here

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In general, you could refer to such a sign as a "store sign" or perhaps a "retail sign". You might also call it a "marquee"; it is different from a typical marquee but close enough that you would be understood.

The round sign on the far left looks as though it projects from the facade; in that case, it might be called a "shingle".

I speak American English; other people may use different terms.

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    In Australian English a marquee is a large tent. We would find that word confusing here. "Shingle" usually refers to a medical or legal practice. Perhaps "shop sign" or just "sign".
    – Peter
    Jan 20 at 2:11
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    @Peter - yes, I always consider 'shingle' to be a particularly US term & marquee would also be first thought to be a large tent in the UK too. Strictly, the store sign is a kind of marquee, but it's just not in common-enough use in that way for a Brit to recognise it. I'd call it a 'shop sign' or the 'sign above the shop [window]' or other tortuous roundabout phrase… there isn't a single-word term I can think of to unambiguously replace it. Jan 20 at 8:53
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    as another Brit I'd only ever call all these things "signs". I'd understand marquee as an Americanism, but it would throw me for a loop a bit. I wouldn't understand shingle at all, and if I needed to distinguish between the different types I'd have to use a long-winded phrase like @gonefishin'again.
    – Tristan
    Jan 20 at 12:18
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    Now I understand, Thank you!
    – Quan Lee
    Jan 21 at 2:40

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